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Why You Should Combine Facebook and Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest method of digital marketing and even in today’s time, it offers high ROI. It is designed to trigger the engagement of customers and it has now become a means of one-to-one communication between customers and the brand. Social media marketing is becoming one of the most successful methods of marketing. It is also true that Facebook is possibly the most popular social media platform. That’s why Facebook and email marketing should be integrated.

You can follow these eight tips and tricks to integrate Facebook and email marketing.

1. Users who have liked or followed your Facebook page should be on your email list and vice versa. Thus, it is important that the same person handles both Facebook and email marketing. It is been found that Facebook can extend the reach of email campaigns by 77%.

2. You can provide for email sign-ups on your Facebook page i.e. keeping it in the form of a tab on your page. So, when your users are exploring your page, they can sign up simultaneously.

3. You can host a Facebook contest for email sign-ups. Likewise, you can initiate an email campaign to promote your Facebook page.

4. In order to find out the time period in which the target audience for your Facebook ads is the most active, you can experiment with email campaigns.

5. You can test headlines for Facebook ads by using them in the subject lines of your emails.

6. Repurposing your old content is an important element of content marketing. Integration of email marketing and Facebook can really facilitate repurposing as you can use your popular content from email campaigns (such as newsletters, posters and more) on your Facebook page. Similarly, popular statuses from Facebook can be added to email templates.

7. You should use Facebook to re-engage your inactive email subscribers. Generally, the human brain reacts to something that is either familiar or makes you curious. Your Facebook ads and email subject lines should be the same so that they become relatable.

8. A suggestion is to promote the same campaign on both platforms, in order to increase the conversion rate. A study reveals that when people see the same product in emails and Facebook ads, they are 22% more likely to purchase the product.

Using these tips and tricks, you can make your ads and email campaigns more effective, increase conversion and save time by integration. We strongly suggest that you integrate Facebook and email marketing.

Email marketing can be successful only when you have a long list of subscribers genuinely interested in your product, which is possible with well-designed landing pages. Social media excels at creating good landing pages. So, you can use Facebook to drive traffic to your landing page, where users can sign up for your emails. Merging your email campaigns with Facebook Ads will help to attract and retain customers. These are two different marketing platforms that can work effectively on their own, but joining the two forces can greatly increase your chances of success. If you’re using an automation tool such as MailChimp, AWeber or any other, there is an option to sync your email subscriber list with your Facebook audience and vice versa, which gives you an edge in designing a relevant email campaign. 

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