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Social Media Campaigns You Should Learn From

The trio of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is the dominating force in the online marketing sphere today. Backed by a strong set of features, they are giving a hard time to the age-old marketing techniques. With an average person spending around 2 hours and 22 minutes on these social media platforms daily, social media marketing is the way to effective customer reach and conversion rates. The same has been proved by their successful record of accomplishment in marketing for the top brands in the world.

Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

1. Renault UK

The French automotive giant used Facebook lead ads in the UK to drive sales of its SUV KADJAR, resulting in a 7.9x lower cost per lead than advertisements that were directing customers to a lead form on the brand’s website. Having used Facebook since 2014, Renault turned to Facebook as part of its global marketing strategy specifically for KADJAR. The best results were achieved in the UK where they were able to incorporate a dealership list into the lead ads. This allowed people to schedule a test drive without having to leave Facebook, making it quick, convenient, and smooth.

2. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

The Indian asset management company ran two parallel Facebook ad campaigns. These campaigns were targeted at boosting awareness and applications for its products.

The company used the ‘Full Funnel’ strategy and achieved stellar success in connecting with a wider audience, raising awareness about investment options, instilling trust, and increasing signups for its Blue chip fund. The first campaign focused on awareness and the second on conversion. The returns were amazing. The campaigns brought a 5-point increase in campaign awareness, 89% incremental reach from awareness campaign, and a 6-point increase in ad recall.

Successful Instagram Ad Campaigns


APPSEE, an app analytics company that offers qualitative app analytics for mobile product managers and app developers used Instagram ads for attracting new clients. They started their campaign with promotions through Feeds and after its initial success they went on to ad promotions through Instagram stories. They slept like a baby after that, with 3.4x higher click-through rate and a 25% lower cost per qualified lead with the new ad placement.

2. Nicobar

The Indian lifestyle brand Nicobar generated a significant 5x return on ad expense and a 40% lower Cost Per Mille (CPM) by using Instagram video ads to launch a campaign promoting its iconic bestselling dress. This led to a 30% lower overall cost per purchase. The brand achieved its target of attracting a custom audience (audience made up of your existing customers) and lookalike audience(potential customers having similar interests like your present customers) to reach people who were more likely to have an interest in Nicobar’s Nico dress.

Successful YouTube Campaign

1. Red Bull

Red Bull has been using YouTube for around 10 years now. It has been one of the most successful brands when it comes to video marketing. With over 6,000 videos and 8.5 million subscribers, it has the most active YouTube channel for a brand on the video-sharing platform. The energy drink giant has grabbed every opportunity to create videos that give an adrenaline rush to its followers, an example being Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall. They have this simple strategy of sharing adventurous videos that get millions of views and hundreds of thousands of engagements.

2. Nike

Nike has been more active in the YouTube video marketing arena through influencer marketing. Their own YouTube channel has around 150+ videos and 1 Million subscribers, which is quite modest for the largest sports apparel brand in the world. Unlike Red Bull, which focuses more on its own channel, Nike has been using YouTube influencers for a wider audience reach. An effective example was the collaboration with Harry Shaw of WS2 (a YouTube channel focussed on soccer), where the influencer plays soccer with Cristiano Ronaldo in the athlete’s backyard. The video became viral, and Nike got huge engagement with a small investment.


The successful collaboration of these brands with the trio clearly shows the effectiveness of these social media platforms. In the 21st century, with the changes in the Internet marketing sphere, the old strategies of branding would not work. Each brand now needs to focus on effective social media reach, since that is the domain customers occupy.

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