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Six SEO rules to increase your website traffic in 2016

Marketers are gearing up to increase their investment towards content marketing. But, in order to leverage those investments, they should study the new rulebook of 2016 for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The old era of enhancing the traffic of your website by writing headlines rich in keywords are long gone, we all know that! The customer experience is ‘the’ focus now.

Moz Inc, a Seattle-based SEO company, conducted a survey and found that the important factors that will affect SEO in 2016 are mobile friendliness which will impact the traffic by 88%; analysis of perceived value of page (up to 81%); usage data (up to 67%) and design and readability (up to 67%).

Few tips that will give you the maximum ROI out of your content marketing investments in 2016 are:   

Focus on intent

An exact keyword is no longer required to offer relevant search results. Earlier, it was just about getting the clicks. Now, the search engines are keeping an eye on the way in which people are interacting with your website. These days, every post-click activity is registered by them. You not only have to get the clicks on your website, but also have to satisfy the intent of the user!

Keywords aren’t the be-all

Headlines don’t consist keywords anymore. The search engine now deduces the meaning of keywords now. For instance, earlier if you searched for ‘best tour packages’, you had to say ‘best tour packages’ or ‘tour packages’ three or four times. It was also good to write ‘most economical package’.

It was still helpful to write ‘most economical packages’, but now the ‘original meaning of search’ is what matters and is considered by search engines. One can just write ‘best trip packages’ these days and the search engines will pick up on it. 75% of queries are between 3 to 5 words long, so content creators should write accordingly.

User experience should always be in focus

The more original the content is on the website, the better it will be for its traffic.

Hint: The articles with ‘top five’ list are searched most.

A writer should prepare an editorial calendar to appeal to his or her customers. A writer should prepare an editorial calendar to appeal to his or her customers. If you take content from a reliable source, give them full credit and add an attribution, but don’t forget to add a line or two in your own voice like “Here’s why I think it’s relevant.” This way, you will give your content a journalistic edge and will make it your own.

Optimize the content for mobile

Today, most people read content on their smartphones. So, it’s important to ensure that your content is searchable there. The design part is a paradigm shift. The traditional approach to design for a mobile platform was simple: Create a website that worked for users on standard smart phones and for the large screen. But, now designers should get creative and find ways to scale it down for mobile devices.

Designs should also be simplified and should be made more ‘tap-friendly’ to synchronize with the touch-screen environment. Writing the kind of headline, that grabs a reader’s attention, piques their interest and refuses to let them go until they’ve read your content is good for content on a mobile platform.

Add unique images

The images aren’t a big source of referral on Google as they earlier were, but having unique images on your site is valuable. The same image can show up at hundreds of places around the web, but having unique content around those images is what makes them stand out.

With the advent of high-quality cell phone cameras, there is no excuse anymore to be not using your own images. Taking and posting original pictures to your website familiarizes your brand to your users more as compared to a generic picture from the Internet. Content inscribed on an original picture also gives the brand a distinct advantage of not being on anyone else’s site.

Hence, the reason we want to rank well on the search engine is the great experience of our audience. It doesn’t matter how high you rank if your target audience goes to your site and they’re not happy.

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