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IGTV vs YouTube: Which is Better for Video Content Marketing?

When YouTube finally met its arch-rival, IGTV, in 2018, the question of which video-tool would be more effective in marketing arose amongst many marketers. And the question still remains.

We are all familiar with YouTube and what it’s all about. Now, what exactly is IGTV?

On 20th June 2018, Instagram released its standalone video application. Generally, Instagram allows its users to post videos that are only a minute long on their feed. But with IGTV, users can upload 10-minutes long videos while verified accounts can upload videos of up to 60 minutes long. Unlike before, video can be uploaded in either vertical or horizontal orientation. You can even share your video on Facebook.

IGTV may be relatively younger compared to YouTube, but it also is on a platform that over 500 million people use daily – Instagram. It has become a tool that increases brand awareness effortlessly when strategized well. Fashion, beauty, gaming, travel, and lifestyle companies have been using influencers all around the globe to promote their brand and increase their reach and engagement rate ratio.

There are several ways to promote your brand through IGTV such as showcasing your products, holding Q&A sessions, tutorials, introducing interesting series, or sharing behind the scene of your office.

Here are a few differences between YouTube and IGTV:

User Interface

While YouTube can be accessed from both desktops and mobile devices, as people use Instagram on their phones, IGTV would be viewed more on mobile phones.


While YouTube lets you upload videos in AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4 and other common file formats, IGTV videos should be in MP4 format.

Search Engine

As it is still quite new, IGTV’s search engine has very limited content as compared to YouTube who’s been around much longer.


YouTube allows users who have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time to monetize their videos through Google Adsense. Video content cannot yet be monetized on IGTV. As a result, many influencers depend on collaborations and sponsorship from brands on Instagram.


While both platforms give you insights on the engagement rate ration, YouTube offers you a more detailed audience retention graph and gives you the option to perform a thorough analysis of your content’s performance.

Video Length

On IGTV, the videos allowed to be posted by an unverified user should be 10-minutes long at most while for a verified user 60-minutes long. YouTube allows its users to upload videos that are hours long.


YouTube allows you to share videos on other social media platforms directly, while with IGTV, in order to share videos, you still have to stick to the old ‘copy+paste’ method.

Even though Instagram is the most influential marketing tool according to a 2019 statistic, it’s safe to say that YouTube is still a better choice when it comes to using video content for marketing. Then again, IGTV is still only one-year-old, and even though it still has a long way to go, it still has a lot of time and space for growth.

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