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How to increase LinkedIn followers by 40% in 3 months

With increasing awareness about the importance of LinkedIn in the overall Social Media Marketing strategy, As you know we are content writing agency and most of our clients want us to focus on LinkedIn. The questions I face most frequently are:

  • What works on LinkedIn?
  • How can we add a lot of followers without spending money? (It is a relatively expensive social media platform for paid promotions)
  • Create a group for us, and make it a hotbed for all related discussions. Possible?
  • Why aren’t people, who are not company employees, following us?

Once known as ‘Facebook with a tie’, LinkedIn is no more meant for merely hiring and finding jobs. Today, your LinkedIn company page ought to be a necessary ingredient for a perfect recipe of social media success.

But in today’s dynamic world of social media platforms minting money from businesses, how do you rapidly increase followers on LinkedIn – and that too organically?

Here are some sure shot, tried and tested ways to increasing your followers by a 40% in a short span of just three months. But, mind you, make sure you are tracking the analytics constantly to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Right & engaging content

People want to read content that’s unique and interesting. If you publish great content, it will engage your followers and others on LinkedIn. Post extremely engaging blog posts on your company blog and share those on LinkedIn page.

Point to note: Posts with links work better than the ones which do not have a link.

There could also be an article/blog which you’ve read and has caught your attention, don’t hesitate in sharing that with your followers too.

Videos have proved to work better than normal posts for most of our clients’ company pages on LinkedIn. While an average engagement rate is 1.2%, Youtube links posted spiked the engagement to 4%!

Post regularly

There’s enough literature telling us how we need to find our perfect times to publish content on Facebook. Did you know that the rule applies to LinkedIn as well?

The more you publish, the more your followers get to see you while scrolling down the timeline. But, there’s still one persistent question – how much content is enough content? It’s a science of course - a science you excel at by quintessential hit-and-trial method and constantly analyzing your ‘analytics’. However, while you want to publish enough content to keep your followers engaged, you also don’t want them to think of you as spammers!

5-10 posts per week are usually good amount of content for LinkedIn company pages.

Having said that, what works for one brand may not translate into success for the other. So, find your unique stand.

Create and maintain your tone

On social media, people know of you by what you show them. Show them the humanity behind the brand, post faces at work, faces having fun, faces which help netizens relate to your company in a more humane way.

And with each post, narrate a story. Don’t just throw up a link and give a statement. Maintain the same voice throughout different social media platforms. How you talk on your blog, Facebook and Twitter, should reflect on your LinkedIn page as well.

Be consistent and gain the confidence of your audience. And, believe me, it isn’t hard. After all, your brand is who you are – a friendly and supportive person who is out there to solve some problems or meet some needs of your consumers.

Follow these 3 tips consistently for 3 months and I look forward to hearing how they worked for you. Do let me know if you have a tip that can help the team at BoostNet deliver better results.

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