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How are Influencers Flourishing in Social Media

Social media is shooting up at a meteoric rate, and influencers form a largely important role in this. According to statistics provided by Mediakix, spending on influencer marketing in 2019 was estimated to increase by 65%, stay the same 33% and decrease by 2%.

From celebrities to micro-influencers, everybody earns huge from social media platforms. Ordinary people with extraordinary talents are able to show and flaunt their skills, art, and knowledge only on this transparent stage.

You might be wondering what those skills and tactics are, that makes them influential. Let’s take a look at some social media sensations and what skills they are using to flourish themselves over social media.

Gaming Influencers and toy reviewers

Ryan Kaji –

It is so inspiring to see children running a YouTube channel and earning a sumptuous amount at such a young age. His channel’s name is Ryan’s World that he runs with his parents, LoannKaji and ShionKaji.

The other toy review channels are Disney Toys’ Review, AWESMR kids, Princess Toys’ Reviews and many more. Ryan’s channel gained more popularity than any other channel because comparatively, he is very active on his channel and uploads a new video almost every two days.

Many algorithms are considered to rank YouTube channels. Consistency and viewers’ watch time are some of the key points to consider, that take the deserving YouTubers to the top.
In addition, merely these algorithms do not make one successful. Marketing and merchandising involves a large part in increasing the channel’s rank.

Ryan’s World signed a deal with Pocket.watch to digitalize their content in the platform.
Ryan accumulated a large number of subscribers from 5 million to 19 million in the period 2016-2019. He has over 20k followers on his Instagram account. As per Influencer Marketing Hub, he is paid $125 to $204 per post on Instagram.
According to reports, Ryan earns $11 million from his ad revenue in this period. He gains a whopping amount of $22 million from his products and videos in 2018.
The amazing idea of reviewing toys gathered a huge interest among children that made his channel prosper extraordinarily popular.

Felix Kjellberg –

PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTube channels where Felix Kjellberg shares gaming run-throughs and reviews using sarcastic commentary and funny memes. He tried various ideas to start with and to amuse his viewers in different ways.

He started his YouTube channel 6 years ago. It became No.1 on the New York Times bestsellers list. He does reviews mostly on horror games because they are viewed the most. Kjellberg uses the ad-free subscription service, YouTube Premium which eases the viewer’s usability as well as does additional marketing for YouTube.
He reached the 100–million subscriber mark in late August, accomplishing as a YouTuber to hit the milestone. PewDiePie comes up with a new video almost everyday sharing jokes, controversies and gaming reviews using funny memes that keep the viewers entertained all the way throughout the video. This can be proved by a shred of evidence that he gathers 2M viewers within 16 hours on the upload he made on 18th November 2019 named “I DESTROY people at MY OWN Game .“ His consistent activeness on YouTube, his smartness and digital tactics make him stand out on top.

Food Influencers

Brad Lau –

He is a social media influencer who runs an account on Instagram delivering posts on unique food recipes. There would hardly be any person who is not mad about food. His Instagram posts hit over 1k views per hour. Through this fact, we can rightly guess the intensity of his popularity. He had a unique story of being popular. One day he went to a restaurant, and after having the food, he refused to pay and spoke a sentence “I never pay for food in any restaurant.” His line made him famous overnight in Singapore for which he was allegedly accused but later he was proved right.

Before Brad Lau’s stepping into the social media platform, we must know that he is a professional chef and visits different restaurants to taste different food samples. He started his Instagram business account where he shares various food recipes. He runs a blog named ‘ladyironchef’ where he shares his food reviews. He has over 604K followers on Instagram and 400K on Facebook.

Kabita’s Kitchen –

Kabita is another vlogger on YouTube who runs her food channel “Kabita’s Kitchen” sharing various delicious and easy food recipes. She is widely popular in India and almost every Indian takes the help of her videos to cook easy meals. She started her channel around 3 years ago and has uploaded over 722 videos. YouTube made her earn more than enough to make a living.

Lifestyle Influencers

Mohamed Beiraghdary –

He is a lifestyle influencer who shoots videos with his sister, Lana Rose citing various types of lifestyles in different countries and different places. He has over 9M subscribers in his channel “Mo Vlog” and over 2M followers on Instagram. He lives in Dubai and is a very rich guy who enjoys the advantage of exploring various posh and royal places. His videos and posts on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other media channels share many exciting moments like travelling, reviewing a tourist place, reviewing a country, flaunting expensive cars and much more.

JessieChanes –

She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and social media sensation who was born in Spain. She shared some beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel and has over 300K followers on Instagram.

Vacation Travel Summer Holiday Lifestyle Tourism

There are many influencers who are up-and-coming and more talents are booming every day. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are some of the popular platforms which are easy to access and help you gain popularity and earn huge income.

Instagram’s projected revenue in 2019 is $14 million. Influencers can earn anywhere between $75 and $3,000 per post through collaborations with brands. Similarly, an average salary that a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers can earn is $57200 per year.

Thanks to these social media platforms, talents are getting limelight rather easily. Social media is the most trending field where huge opportunities are available to earn money and gain popularity.

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