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6 ways to make your blog a content marketing magnet

Are you happy with the role your blog plays in marketing you or your brand? With digitalism having become


for most businesses today (especially for us at BoostNet), a blog is where all your stories are told. It could well become a platform that could establish you as a thought leader too! But if it’s not doing what you had envisaged it would, there’s a problem!

It is essential to make your blog your content marketing hub. Whether it’s a small business or a big company you’re running, make sure your blogs are at the heart of your content marketing strategy


blogs fuel social media, search engine optimization and sales processes.

Always keep in mind these fundamentals:

  • Blogs are a good form of social media
  • Blogs are search-friendly

Blogs can drive sales by providing prospects and customers with


they need.

Here are six steps to make your blog a liable aspect of your content marketing plan:

1. Build a strong foundation

While setting up your blog, make sure you use a self-hosted blog and not a free hosting option, such as Blogger or WordPress. Also, incorporating your blog into your overall business website is always a good idea.

2. Know your readers

Find out more about your audience by giving a personality to people you’re trying to reach by incorporating their content consumption habits. Consider creating more than one blog if you’re trying to reach distinctly different audiences.

3. Make a good content marketing plan

There are several ways to map out your content marketing plan. Charting out your promotional calendar and planning your events is one way to go. Then, develop a content plan around it.

4. To enhance effectiveness, optimise your content

Once your content is written, you have to enhance its attractiveness. It is important that you amalgamate your brand into each blog post and make certain that your audience can associate your content with your brand.

5. Promoting your blog post is crucial

Don’t just publish your blog and leave it. One golden rule is to promote it so that the right people see and read it. Set up your blog to enable readers to receive your posts through email and feeds. It is also vital to share your content across social media platforms so that it reaches the relevant audience.

6. Always track your content marketing results

You must measure your results to know that the content creation


integrated the ability to capture the data you need.

In the end, it is also advisable to keep the basic rules in mind while writing a blog, so that it doesn’t look tedious.

  • Break your content
  • Use bold letterings for important headlines
  • Use images to attract attention
  • Format your content to make it easy to read.

A blog not only supports social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) and sales processes, but when used properly, it can act as the centre of good results for your content marketing strategy.

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