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5 Tips to Use UGC for Business Marketing on Instagram

User-generated content is easily one of the most cost-effective and engaging content marketing strategies. In layman’s term, UGC is when users share a video, photo or review of your brand positively.

In a world where advertisements have become excessively misleading, people tend to trust the reviews of their peers or other customers because they are genuine and authentic. Reading or hearing about experiences from other people is one major factor in the decision-making process when purchasing new items.

When users share their reviews of a specific brand on their feed, not only does the brand gain more reach but it also encourages more engagement. They help in starting a conversation around your brand and spread ‘Word of Mouth’.

Here are 5 tips to help small businesses in content marketing using UGC on Instagram:

1. Create a unique hashtag for your brand

Using the right and popular hashtags is how people discover you to increase your reach. It can act as a conversation starter about your brand. Many brands use their hashtags to popularize their brands. For instance, #Starbucks has become one of the most-used brand hashtags. The hashtag you choose doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with the name of your brand. It could be a combination of words that is original, precise and most importantly, common so that anyone could use it even when your brand is not part of the post. Keep in mind that the more people use your unique hashtag, the more your reach would be.

2. Start a hashtag campaign

Hashtag campaigns have done wonders for many brands, both big and small. To this day, the ALS Association’s #IceBucketChallenge remains one of the most successful campaigns on social media. Start an interesting campaign with a catchy hashtag and ask users to share their experiences online. Challenges are the perfect way to keep the users entertained and to create user-generated content.

3. Host a contest or giveaway

One of the most engaging tactics is to host contests and giveaways. It allows users a chance for participation with anticipation. You could ask your followers to post a picture or video of themselves with your product, tagging your brand, a few of their friends and your brand’s hashtag. The winner could get your products for free or discounts with a specific code.

4. Ask for UGC

Draft a friendly yet professional message and DM people asking them to share pictures or videos of your brand. You could also propose a trade. Barter collaboration, simply put, is when you ask an influencer or customer to promote your brand. In return, the influencer will receive your product for free rather than getting paid.

5. Repost user’s content

Reposting and giving credit to your customers makes them feel appreciated and have a sense of loyalty towards your brand. It will also encourage others to be more engaged in the hopes of being featured.

User-generated content will continue to play a vital role in the media industry as it is more relatable, informative, and prudent. It will remain one of the most engagement tactics for brand promotions.

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