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5 Instagram Story Ideas for More Engagement

Over 500 million people worldwide use Instagram story and it is only increasing every day.
This 24-hour lasting feature was able to dominate Instagram feed in just a short amount of time.

With many options and stickers, celebrities, influencers and brands utilize this feature for promotions and collaborations. It is the perfect means to engage followers so as to avoid a decrease in followers count.

When it comes to social media marketing, increasing followers count, enhancing engagement ratio or conversion, all these highly depend on the creatives and content you post for your brand. Your posts have to be eye-catching and interesting. Stories give you the opportunity to be original and make your creatives unique and engaging.

Here are 5 story ideas that will help you and your brand in keeping your audience engaged:

1. Series Templates

Creating or finding the right series template for your products goes a long way. The creative help in attracting Instagram users, which in turn urges them to engage more. You could design your templates based on the tonality or colors of your brand and logo.

2. Instagram story stickers

Here are a few Instagram story stickers you could use to gain more engagement:

Poll stickers will help you in knowing your audience better. Although the options are given as “YES” and “NO”, you can edit your response according to your preference. You could, then, share the results later on your story again for people to see.

Quiz gives the audience a chance to participate and keeps the interaction interesting. It acts as a good brainer exercise for people. Make the content simple and understandable as many people do not want to engage in something complicated and time-consuming.

Asking your followers specific questions will give you your desired response. You could ask them their experiences with your brand or ask fun questions to keep them engaged.

Emoji Slider:
The icon in this sider can be changed to your desired emoji.

3. This or that templates

Creating a ‘this or that’ template with your brand name not only engages the followers but it also increases reach as followers will have to share their answers on their stories.

4. GIF templates

Many Instagram users choose to add GIFs to their stories to make them look more fun. Similar to ‘this or that’ template, GIFs template will not only engage followers but it will also give you a wider reach. Don’t forget to add the name of your brand or logo on the template.

5. Bingo templates

Much like the game ‘Bingo’, this Instagram story will allow followers to enjoy virtual Bingo with their experiences. Again, this story will help in engagement and reach.

Canva, a graphic-design tool website, will give you the best templates for your brand. For ideation, Pinterest has a lot of options for different industries and brands.

The Instagram story also has many engaging stickers such as chat stickers, which will let you start a conversation in a new Direct thread your followers and a countdown sticker to count down to any exciting moment or event such as a launch of a new product. A location sticker to let your followers know where you are based, while a current time or weather sticker will let inform will let them know about the time and weather of your current location.

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