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YouTube Stories – The New Social Media Craze

Following the rising trend of the ‘stories’ feature by leading social media platforms – Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp –  YouTube had rolled its own version of it called ‘Reels’ last year. They have now updated the feature to stories in their new update, available to content creators having more than 10,000 followers on YouTube. Following the same format as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories, the creator can add gifs, stickers, filters and text to make them more appealing to their fan-following. YouTube launching stories, who would have thought!

The concept behind YouTube stories is to bring out more behind the scenes – unrefined content for the audience before publishing polished content. This gives the curators a platform to be regularly connected with their audience, giving them sneak-peaks of what is to come proposing high-user engagement when the refined video is published.

The initial testing stage was rolled out to content curators having more than 70,000 followers on YouTube. This was changed when the beta testing version was rolled out, enabling creators with 10,000 followers to engage with their audience through YouTube stories. These stories can be created by tapping the video camera icon and selecting ‘Create story’.

Some key-features of the YouTube stories which sets them apart from other social media platforms are:-

  • The audience has the ability to comment on the stories, quiet like its Instagram counterpart where the followers can reply to a story.
  • These comments unlike other social media platforms will be visible to all and creators can publically reply to comments or queries.
  • The viewers can also show their reaction to the story – much like the Facebook reactions with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down emoji.
  • The stories however lack the swipe-up feature to redirect their followers to a particular website or page.
  • The stories are only available on the mobile version of the app as of now.
  • These stories have the unique ability of transforming the background so the users will not be able to identify the location. This feature has made this beta tester a definite try with Google pixel supporting upto 40 frames and iPhone 7 upto 100 frames per second.
  • The YouTube stories will disappear after a time period of 7 days rather than the conventional 24 hours

The rollout of this feature indicates that they will start appearing more frequently on mobile based apps while scrolling. The audience can tap on the colorful ring around the creators profile indicating a new story which he can view. The viewer has the right to report a story as well if they find it inappropriate. There have been mixed reactions from all over with some users welcoming the new edition and some criticizing the same.

YouTube is yet to confirm if and when they will roll out this feature to their entire user base or make it limited to creators having a following of 10,000. Only time will tell the fate of  YouTube stories, whether they will dominate the market and trend even more than conventional posts. Time will tell whether the craze of YouTube Stories is here to stay or will fade out with passing time.

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