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Writing tools for crafting the perfect social media posts

Writing is an art. One can let the words free-flow. But when it comes to social media marketing, there is a definite need to be strategic and smart. In the social media marketing business, the point is to create content that sells. So crafting the perfect content is the key.

Here are a bunch of online tools which are very helpful in creating crisp and social media ready content for brands:


Correctica is an essential spelling and grammar checking tool. They claim to catch the errors that human editors miss out. Correctica scans website content while at the same time offering personalized content reviews. You can paste your website or blog URL or email the documents to Correctica and get a proof-read copy in minutes.


Social Media posts are all about captions doing the magic trick. Customers and buyers are distracted by a many options and the only real deal is to attract their quick attention fervently. Captiona is an app that generates captions for social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat.  The Captiona app is optimized for iOS and works as a search engine for social media captions and uses keywords associated with the photo or video content for the same.


Grammarly is a great app for spell-check and review. Often rushed work lead to little errors that gets missed. Errors in social media can have a negative impact on brands. This is where Grammarly comes to the rescue.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus works as a power bank for thesaurus, sourcing alternative words, synonyms, to add variety to your writing. It is a free tool which is crowdfunded and interestingly has a collection of synonyms from a large community of writers. Members can rate and rank the suggested synonyms based on their relevance and pertinence.


The Writefull tool compares words and phrases to find the best preferred option. The Writefull extension refers to large language databases, especially the Google Web to look for frequently used phrases of text. Writefull can be used offline in Microsoft Word document and even outlook, by downloading it as a plug-in and hence activating it. Writefull checks the frequency of text appearing in a database; often two chunks of writing are compared to check its commonality. There are options for the most preferred text alternatives, synonyms, and the appropriate adjectives to be used. Writefull works perfectly in checking those words and phrases that have the potential to be Search Engine Optimized.


ZenPen is a minimalist writing arena that zones in into the most important task, writing. Staying focused on writing can at times become really difficult especially at workplace with an array of distractions. ZenPen comes in handy at this time. There is a word-count feature and drafts can be downloaded in this full-screen enabled site.

ProWriting Aid

Described as the essential editing tool for every writer, be it business, content, fiction, even academic, the ProWriting Aid is a writing evaluation tool. It has a desktop and free online version which however is limited to 3000 words per view. Along with highlighting the lengthy lines, complex sentences and clichés and grammatical errors, it also checks for plagiarism, belting out accurate social media post content.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is quite an effective tool for writers. It helps in writing crisp, short and quick content for social media media. The tool highlights lengthy and complicated sentences that may lose the reader’s attention. It also brings to attention complex words, adverbs, and passive voice instances along with fragmented sentences, while at the same time giving the alternatives.

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