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What’s in store for B2B content marketing in 2017?

Ever since the rise of the digital renaissance, content marketing has been all about being helpful and informative to your audience.

With such a need for the market, marketers must learn how to adopt a better way to serve their customers.

Being a B2B marketer makes you inferior if you aren’t investing in content marketing.

About 89% of the B2B marketers have incorporated content marketing into their marketing strategy and out of the remaining 11%, 52% plan to start.

But here’s a situation- only 30% of the B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing. Why?

The reason being that no marketer has an easy time planning a sound content marketing strategy. Also, some fail to keep up with the trend.

Here’s a list of content marketing trends for 2017 that could shape the future of the content marketing:

Increase in adoption numbers

Almost every marketer has used the phrase “Content is King” somewhere, sometime.

I would rather say the “The Lord of the Kings” on the basis of its growing adoption numbers.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B marketers are using content marketing up from 86% in 2014.

And out of remaining 11%, 52% say that they are planning a content marketing effort in coming months. So, it’s obvious to expect that more companies will compete in the content marketing arena.

And that my fellow marketers is why you need to gear up your strategy in order not to be left out of the game.

Increase in documented content strategy numbers

Acting without a plan is like watching TV with someone else having the remote control.

There is no rocket science to understand how content shapes the digital landscape yet many companies are struggling to document and implement sound content marketing strategies in their business.

Today, 37% B2B marketers use documented content strategy, an up from 32% from the last year.

Make sure you just don’t include content marketing as an ephemeral plan in your full-blown business strategy instead use it as an ongoing operation.

Visuals/videos do better talking

Content marketing is not only about creating blogs and eBooks like before though they are vital, it also requires being more creative with content to stand ahead of the pack.

The way search engines have got better in tracking images and videos to determine the niche of the website, digital space has seen the market shifting towards creating high-quality images and videos for its audience.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, over 65% of senior marketers believe that the visual content is the key to how their brand story is communicated.

Videos, on the other hand, are used by 87% of the online marketers to grow their revenue, 49% faster than non-video users.

This is why every marketer should know Why Video Marketing is crucial when documenting a complete content strategy.

More niche-specific content

The only reason why long-term keywords have come up effectively is because marketers have been adopting the trend and targeting audience at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

With so much noise out there in the digital landscape, scratching the surface of an over-discussed topic won’t help you stand out.

Also, to overcome the shortening attention span of the audience, marketers have been shifting towards writing a post about a specific area of your niche, which help them connect well with the demand.

For example, instead of creating a post on ‘how to generate followers on social media?’ you’re better be writing  aboutHow to increase LinkedIn followers by 40% in three months’.

Influencer marketing

Did you know that just 3% of people generate 90% of the impact online?

Considering this fact, it won’t be surprising to see businesses leveraging the power of this influencer group to help increase their reach.

We already have witnessed so many brands spending a blast for using big names to woo customers to buy their product.

But with the discovery of the internet stars across different social media channels, brands could cut down the expense of introducing big stars to promote them.

So, innovations and new tactics are the things to keep an eye on this year. Marketers who get this, devote time and resources keeping up with the trend in order not to get lost in the ever growing noise of the internet and social media.

If it happens again, here are the ways to find you on social media.


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