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What Relevance Do White Papers Have Today in B2B Marketing?

With marketing strategies like video marketing, webinars, and podcasts being utilized, what can white paper, monotonous grey literature, bring to the table for B2B marketing today? And what exactly is white paper?

When your company does extensive research on a particular topic – addressing issue(s), providing tips to solve the said issue(s) and how to make sound decisions – and put it in writing, you have got yourself a white paper.

While many may say it is, white paper certainly is not dead. It still remains one of the most effective content marketing tools. In fact, according to the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, out of 30, a white paper is the 6th most effective marketing tactic.

Let’s take a look at some of the relevance that white paper has today in B2B marketing:

Generating leads

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 Global Report, generating traffic and leads is 61% marketers’ top marketing challenge. White paper high conversion rate as it contains content that is detailed, educative and problem-solving, which makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Adding the link of your white paper on all your social media accounts is one of the simplest ways to generate leads.

Building thought leadership

A white paper gives your brand identity, creates brand awareness and builds thought leadership. It lets you show other businesses that you are invested in your work and your brand. When you add a short description of your company (which is optional), you give your company a chance to highlight your expertise, show your credentials and present you as a thought leader in your field. People want to work with the best in the industry and this is exactly your chance to show them that. When they see you as a trusted and expert leader, they are more inclined to trust your company and build rapport.

Building a mailing list

Asking people to subscribe to your newsletter can be a hectic and long process, especially when it gets them nothing but updates about your brand. Now, if you offer them a free white paper per subscription, it looks more appealing. As long as your subject line and content quality are relevant and interesting for them, it will help your company in building a strong mailing list.

Presenting original research

Publishing your original research with your own content shows the thought leadership and expertise of your company. It separates your content from generic ones easily found online. This shows your originality and credibility. It also gives other users the chance to use your findings for their content. This will further help you in gaining brand awareness.

Keep in mind that without relevant and interesting visual aid to support your data, the content alone will not get you your desired response. Illustrations, graphs or infographics need to be creative and eye-catching. It advised that you boost your white paper through free or paid promotions to achieve maximum impact. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are some of the best platforms to run an ad.

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