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The ultimate guide to write relatable hilarious content

Witty and chucklesome form of writing is one of the most famous approaches when it comes to writing content that your readers can relate to and forms a true connection between the two. An ideal content is one that makes the readers feel something, making it interesting to them. Now you don’t have to be a funny person to do this but one of easiest things to get out of a person when he reads your content is a HA HA!  Okay that may need some work but you can definitely get them to smile and here are 5 simple tips that can help you with that –

What is thought of but never said
The everyday mundane things that happen in your life, happens in everybody’s lives. Well everybody except Batman but then again I don’t think he’ll be reading your content (no offence). The point is that nobody mentions these but they all think it and hence will relate to it. For example – “Christmas, the most awaited holiday filled with love and warmth, until you hit the loo and have to lay your buttocks on the ice cold seat.”

Exaggerate on and on
Obvious lies and exaggerations crack people up. They can turn out to be extremely hilarious if you make sure it’s nothing lame. Although they have to be evident because some people end up believing those and then it’s just confusing. For example – “If you don’t pay attention in class not only will you fail but you’ll also never be able to taste chocolate again”

Details make it way better
You may think that details are boring and should be kept out of the way because they don’t matter but they can make your other simple and boring sentences very interesting and attractive. They also make it easier for the reader to be able to picture what is written. See which sounds better: “I went to the cafeteria and sat on my regular table” or “I went to the cafeteria and sat on my regular table which is right across from where my crush sits and as far away as it can get from my embarrassing cousin Kailash’s table who is 16 and still sucks on his thumb”?
The element of surprise is known to be the number one factor that triggers an extreme emotion in a person. All you have to do is talk about the main topic, lead the readers on that path and then suddenly pummel them with something astonishing and unexpected. For example – “Lucy and I, we were amazing together. It was a beautiful 4 years long relationship before she decided to run away with Sheru, our street dog”

Be worry-free
The last and best tip that should’ve been put at the start actually is that you should not be worried about what people will think. It comes in the way of writing in your natural style. Your natural style is also how you talk and that is what makes it more relatable for the readers.

So now that you have these tips go ahead and spread the merriment!


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