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The Power of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a part of digital marketing, wherein marketers create and share their content across all social media platforms to achieve the goals of proper marketing and branding. It is an organic way of increasing your brand value and consumer base. In SMM, content is the key to success as it engages the target audience who then share your content which makes them promoters of your brand. It can help businesses of all sizes to bring more traffic to their websites, build conversion rates and create a positive brand image. As the world is pacing towards the digital era, there are a number of ways to share your content, such as podcasts, live videos, infographics and more. There are also a variety of media platforms, each catering to varying needs of marketers. These include Facebook and Instagram for visual content, YouTube for video content and Twitter for interaction.

Some tips and tricks to improve your ways of SMM are as follows:

Target Audience

In SMM, it would be a major blunder to not know your target audience. It is important to do proper research and target a specific group for marketing your product or service as it ensures their engagement and leads to conversion. Once the audience has been determined, it should be followed by consistent and continuous interaction. Interaction with the target audience can be through any media like emails, message, calls or live videos. Lastly, feedback is as important as interaction. User feedback should be taken and worked upon regularly.

Presence on Social Media

Platforms in 2019 include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linke The selection of the right social media platforms for marketing is crucial as all platforms may not be suitable for your product or service. Each platform has its own audience. Some of the top SMM dIn, WhatsApp and YouTube.

Quality Content

It is a common saying that “Content is the king.” The quality of content decides the engagement and conversion rate of your marketing efforts. The content should be relevant to readers, and it should be something they want to know. It can either be helpful or entertaining. Moreover, the content should be organized according to the topic category so that readers don’t get confused.

Right Keywords and Hashtags

Use of relevant keywords will boost your promotion and reach on social media, especially on LinkedIn. Keywords also improve search engine rankings. However, on social media hashtags are more popular than keywords. There have been many social media campaigns that became successful because of good, popular hashtags such as #IceBucketChallenge and #ShareACoke. The appropriate number and type of hashtags should be used as per the content, as it will result in better reach as well as more likes and followers.

Optimal Content Strategy

If the content is not shared regularly, it will reflect poorly on the engagement of the followers. If too much content is shared in a short period of time, it will result in dropping out of visitors. Thus, the creation and sharing of content should be consistent so that it keeps the target audience engaged and informed about updates of the company. It is always better to schedule posts as it will ensure the regularity of uploads and save time.

Influencer Marketing

In 2019, Influencer Marketing is definitely taking over social media. Finding the right influencer for your company might be difficult but once it’s done, this will be in favor of your company. The influencer can write a blog, upload a post, put contests and quizzes, or review your product. Since they have a large reach, they could increase brand value and conversions.

Usage of SMM Tools

There are a variety of options available for marketing tools, which will not only make marketing easy but also deliver better results. Marketing tools offer a lot of help, from scheduling posts to analyzing shared content. Some of these tools are for free or offer trial periods. To cope up with the fast-moving world, it is crucial to use these tools; otherwise, you may get lost in the vast world of social media.

Brand Collaboration

When two or more brands form an alliance, they often create a new product that has elements of both brands. As each brand has its own loyal following, both brands could cross-promote each other, which could result in a great increase in followers for both. One of the most successful brand collaboration was that between BMW and Louis Vuitton, where LV designed four exclusive suitcases that perfectly fit in the rear parcel shelf of the BMW i8 sports car model. This collaboration got followers excited and resulted in mutual benefits for both BMW and LV.

Learning from your Competitors

Healthy competition makes you work harder. But have you ever thought of learning from your competitors? Observing the marketing strategies of your competitors can actually help you to make better marketing strategies for yourself because what works for them might work for you and vice-versa. There are marketing tools available for analyzing the marketing performance of your competitors.


Social media has become an important part of our lives. The number of users on social media is increasing day by day, and in order to reach these users, you have to do marketing and branding on social media. Good social media marketing can do wonders for your firm by increasing your followers, building conversion rates, improving brand reputation and create a positive brand image. There are various things that should be kept in mind when it comes to SMM, such as the quality of content, usage of keywords and hashtags, and the target audience. You should be aware of new marketing trends like brand collaboration and influencer marketing as these will give you an edge over your competitors. It’s not about hard work but smart work. You should use SMM tools to save extra efforts and time.

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