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Stop overthinking and write content that customers love!

Do you ever stare blindly at a blank MS Word, a whirlwind of thoughts played out in your mind, trying to figure out the best opening line in context?We, as content writers latch on to a topic, crafting content and trying to perfect each and every line before we type them out.Well, if not all, at least a majority of the struggling content creators and rookies, fuelled by a never-say-die spirit, try their hardest to impress our readers.But is your ‘perfect’ piece really worth the effort and time you’d put in? Will your content ever cut the mark, will it ever happen?The result may still be as bleak as it was before, if you are not following some basic steps to writing a lovable content:

#Just like excess isn’t good, perfectionism is unhealthy for content.

In an attempt to be appreciated for our content that we have so painstakingly created, our efforts and time really go into writing content that we think is ‘perfect’. The pressure, stress, and self-beat-up aren’t all worth it in the end when you get health complications because of the pressure for perfection.

#If you are thinking you are creating the ‘best content ever’, you’re mistaken.

Your content should have quality, no doubt, but unrealistic goals can come crashing down like avalanche. Learn to differentiate the two, between a practical and an intangible goal. Also, you cannot just create an evergreen content; it becomes one for what it is overtime.

#To strive for perfection is to never take off.

When you’re aiming for something unrealistic, there is good chance that you may never take off in writing. In the fight within yourself to settle for nothing less than perfect, you are wasting precious time and energy. Be realistic, let the idea take shape to content or junk it.  

#Pick what’s buzzing in the market, but with less competition

The aim is to tread on hot topics but smartly. Do competitive research. Look for topical trends with a few great guides but less crowded with other contents; look for content that is growing old or those going out of context with the industry. Just avoid crowd.    

#Keep proofreading and editing under control

The crux to creating good content is proofreading and editing. Let’s be honest. We are humans and it is human to err. Plus when you re-read it or give it to someone else to do it, a second perspective surely takes birth. But be warned: too much edits and the content idea gets lost in translation.

#First, understand what they love and then write

Understand your customer before you create anything. Take to research in the comments section, social forums and even surveys. Your content is no good, if it doesn’t serve its purpose of reaching out to customers. But in the process of it all, don’t lose your authenticity, keep your identity intact.  

So, starting today, think fast and think smart; be you, be original and write content that people love.

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