Fraser Seitel, the renowned PR consultant, once termed Press release as ‘the grand daddy of public relations writing vehicles’.

Till a decade back, Press statements used to appear mostly in Newspapers. But today, with online medium fast replacing print media, there are myriad portals where one can update their daily Press announcement – and still get enough eye balls.

Press releases are usually used by companies or organisations to inform the public, in general, about their achievements, events, new products or services or other happenings. With an unmatched increase in the number of online businesses, there are a hoard of Press statements posted every day. So, how does your Press release stand out in a world teeming with information?

Eye-catching headlines and journalistic style of writing, combined with the perfect marketing language, are the hallmarks of Press releases written by our expert content writers. At BoostNet, Press releases are conceptualised by experienced journalists and proof read by a professional marketing copywriter. We do everything it takes to attract readers towards your brand.