Bief, simple and easy to read content. A collection of articles and blogs which keeps the readers talking. The content so engaging that the reader reads till the last line. We are talking about the ubiquitous newsletter. Yes, you can make it look like a best-seller.

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication or email to a selected audience, featuring news, activities and upcoming events related to the organisation. More often than not, newsletters feature feedback and articles of the employees and customers. The frequency of newsletter distribution is mostly once in a week, fortnight or a month.

With the explosion of e-mail accounts, e-newsletters have gained acceptance as the cost-effective way to keep in touch with the target audience.

Essentials of a well-crafted Newsletter

  • Flawless language with zero proof-reading errors

  • Meticulously researched content

  • Interactive and concise content

  • Eye-catching headlines

  • Ample photographs

  • Well-designed layout