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How to Stop Being a LinkedIn Loser

Do you want yourself to be seen at the top of the feeds of the world’s largest professional social media platform? Are you afraid of being a loser on LinkedIn? If yes, please check what precautions and steps you can take to prove yourself ‘not a LinkedIn loser.’

Based on personal LinkedIn profile –

1. Create an appropriate profile:

Creating a LinkedIn profile is an art of increasing connections. The more accurate and robust you show your profile, the more compelling it is for viewers to click on the ‘connect’ button. Moreover, it includes many spaces that need to be filled such as Experience, Education, Volunteer Experience, Skills, Recommendations, and Accomplishments.

For example: Mentioning a profile along with an inspiring quote shows the first image of what you are.

2. A professional mugshot:

Profile photo is where you provide the viewers the first glance of yourself. It should be simple and professional with the right choice of facial expression that provides a decent impression. Moreover, its size must be accurate which can neither be too small nor too large. And a single photo of yours is enough. Family or vacation photos are superfluous.

3. Don’t share irrelevant information:

Sharing creative and interesting knowledge can help you gain prominence. Simultaneously, you have to be careful in sharing a post that is not personalized or is not related to any particular niche that sweeps your viewers or followers away. Everyday new posts that are informative must be uploaded to gain more viewers.

4. Recommendations:

This is an important field to be taken care of. Writing recommendations for others motivates them to write them for you. Thus, take time out and recommend others on LinkedIn.

5. Good summary:

Summary is the place where you give a freestyle description of yourself. Include a good and brief summary of your profile for a better understanding and interaction. This is the place where you get a chance to describe yourself in your own words without any limitation.

LinkedIn is a platform where you treat your profile as a resume. It is where job seekers, businesses, freelancers, recruiters and every other working professional are benefitted. The most important thing on this stage is maintaining your profile and subsequently raising it. Upload daily posts and keep yourself updated with a pleasant and professional attitude. This enhances your workplace image as well as employability.

Based on business LinkedIn profile –

1. Deliver the right information:

The very first thing that your profile starts with, is the profile picture followed by your bio, which has to be very clear which allows you to reach your target audience.

2. Raise the hunger:

The tactic of “What’s in it for me” is used to attract more followers. Users will be more interested in what they will gain from what you can offer rather than what special characteristics of your profile state. It is your job to clearly specify what you are offering. Comments are one of the best places to connect with followers and increase their numbers.

3. Do not procrastinate:

Passing a timely reply to comments shows that you are interested in getting more involved with the viewers by connecting with them. This leads to increased followers. Whereas procrastinating or delaying replies send a message to commenters that, you are not interested in what they say, but replied just for the sake of running your profile and your business. Delaying about 2 or 3 days shows a feeling of ignorance, this leads to decreased followers.

An attitude shown in the above meme implies procrastination. Such behavior results in lessened followers.

4. Traditional landing pages might be harmful:

A landing page is a standalone web page that takes a user to another page by clicking on a link in an email or click ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and similar places like these. Landing page increases conversion rates. In LinkedIn, links to the desired site can be easily attached which is called Call to Action (CTA) such as “Apply now”, “Sign Up”. Landing pages must be “campaign-specific page with just one call-to-action and no website navigation.” Whereas traditional landing pages are vice versa, that takes to other website and makes a lengthy process. This leads to ‘unfollowing’ by many followers as well as a reduction of the audience.

The above picture is an example of a beautiful landing page taking the user to a template site. It is a CTA where the user is asked to opt for “Get it now” or “Features”.

5. Beware of engagement pods:

Engagement pods are a particular set of accounts that you will notice in the comments section. They seem quite redundant who pass unnecessary superfluous comments. Some band together to form a group and likes, comments on each other’s contents. When this gets noticed by the other users, it shows that you have a joint deal with other accounts to favor your content. This reduces the value of whatever you are posting.

6. Use right words:

Comments and messages are better when delivered using safe and right words. This is also applicable in the individual profiles. Moreover, automation plays a major role which must be used in a limited way. Some applications and business accounts use automatic replying machines to keep the followers in touch. However, those replies might be lame showing no enlightenment. Humans must be kept on duty to keep track of the business accounts and bring in more audiences.

Consistency and congruency enables you to connect with more followers. Keep your business account simple with easy readability and free of unnecessary junks. Provide creative and knowledgeable posts daily. Every day it might not be possible to show up with the latest and unique news. Keep the green light on and be active. Inspire your followers by sharing a challenging, helpful, amusing, interesting and relevant messages.

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