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4 ways to write content that’d be read

Writing a piece which falls into obscurity is the worst that can happen to a writer. What every writer aims at is producing a content piece that is original and which gains traction. But when you sit down to finally write, keeping a few factors on the tip of your mind will help you prevent your content from falling into oblivion. But here, rather telling you what to do, we will chalk out details of what to AVOID things that make your content not-so-readable. 

Reusing content

We dig into picking topics that already have a lot of information on Google. But this idea poses a situation of reiteration in front of you. Where on one side the plethora of Google facts helps you in comprehensive research, it may make you fall into creating something generic that eventually directs to plagiarism. With the extensive data you have, take an exceptional topic and progress towards fabricating something novel.

Irrelevant subjects

The subject of your content must be something that people would like to read. No matter how wondrous your writing is, unless it is not searched about, it will just be an anonymous bit lying on the web. Aim to create subjects that answer FAQs. What are the most searched queries, what problems are people facing, what is the issue they are not finding a good content on, these facts must motivate you in your topic ideation.

Focusing on quantity

The focus should not be on just vomiting out everything that’s on your mind. Create smart pieces where, even if the length is not colossal, the content should be fantastic and engaging. Google no more seeks to rank content basis their quantity but it is the innovation, novelty and creativity that bring your content in top searches. Hence, don’t chip away at the quality over quantity. Publish less but such that gets you a good Google ranking.

Not promoting your content

Promotion stops when you stop. Channelizing traffic to your content is the primary idea behind its publication; hence it needs to be promoted aggressively. Apart from general social sharing you must strategize what is the interested audience of your content and share your work with them. Pay for advertising, re-share your piece with bloggers and give multiple links to your articles to attract more and more traffic.

Giving time to your content, preferring active instead of passive voice and shunning spam-ridden content are a few more ways how you can avoid writing something that will never be read. Happy writing!

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