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Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Technology has dominated the millennial world, with 46% of the world population glued to the internet. This roughly translates to 3.3 billion people who are active social media users. It has become an important play-zone in 2018 with big and small brands both focusing on digital media and the ever-changing trends.

Do you know what marketing tactics have made their mark in the year 2018 with the highest ROI?

Let’s take a look at how some of these digital marketing trends took 2018 by storm: –

1.Artificial Intelligence

According to a survey, businesses adopting AI services will be able to cut the cost and accelerate growth. It has been predicted that by 2020 at least 25% of customer service will be devised by AI chatbots. These chatbots will analyze consumer behavior and patterns and help businesses save over 8 billion annually especially in the healthcare and banking segments. Popular user-apps like UBER, Zomato, Swiggy are already using the Chatbots with leading banks like SBI also introducing chatbots for their customer service.

2.Video Marketing

Not just restricted to YouTube, Videos are the forerunners of digital marketing! A trend which was widely observed in 2018 with videos not restricted to entertainment and content creators they have spawned on widely to brands which are using them as a medium for storytelling and communication. Videos strike cord with the audience directly, with a survey revealing that over 82% social media users prefer to watch and interact via live videos and it is the most shared content! With the increased demand of video content, video advertising will see a heavy rise in 2019. Viewers retain 95% of content when watching a video as opposed to text hence the reason behind the growing popularity of video marketing.

3. Voice Search

The use of voice search engines has started their dominance over world market. Whether it is to play their favorite songs or just find out about the weather, voice assistants are taking over the mainstream search engines. They are relatively easy to use for the millennial generation who is always on the go. Out of 3.5 billion searches on google daily almost a third of these are Voice searches (TheeDesign, 2017). Voice search trends are indefinitely bound to impact businesses in 2019. With voice searches will be based on best SEO searches, the questions will become more specific and google ranking will play a major part for your business. The ranking will be based on – relevance, prominence and distance of the listing from the user. This is a rising trend that marketers will have to consider and strategize with the for the year 2019.

4.Influencer Marketing

In 2017 brands spent more than 1 billion on influencer marketing, a number that has seen rapid growth over the year 2018 and will continue to are people who have garnered a community where they share their real-life experiences and reviews with their audience and constantly curate content around the same. So how do they benefit the brands? For a small or large business, these influencers can generate a positive user experience resulting in exponential growth to business. They can influence their followers to invest in that brand and create creative content for the brands. These influencer campaigns are generally widespread across several platforms, causing the consumers to be aware about them and even generate sales.

The above trends are all set to change the game for 2019 in digital marketing. Brands and content companies need to up their game to match the everyday change changing trends in the world of digital marketing. Whether you want to introduce chatbots for your brand or invest in social media advertisements, you sure need to keep a check on the digital marketing trends with the progressive years to come.

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