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Digital Marketing Trends 2019

2018 was certainly the year of digital trends. With social media taking over the life’s and increased user interaction on mobile phones, digital marketiers saw rapid growth in Digital marketing sphere with the need for online visibility at its peak.

No one can ignore the power of Social Media in 2019. Brands are coming up to par with the digital world and increasing their social media reach and presence. Digital content has taken the world by storm and expected to rise over the next 5 years.

Let’s take a look at some of the top digital marketing trends that will dominate the year to come from digital marketing perspective:-

Content Marketing 

The number of users have drastically increased over the past 2 years in the digital domain. Content creation and distribution has become an imperative part in the internet generation. 86% of the consumers believe that authentic content leads to a positive purchase decision as compared to false advertisements and click bait content by the brand.

The year 2019 will see a rapid rise in content marketing with brands wanting to focus on personalized content. Content is what connects the brand to its customers. Learning the art of brand story-telling in a way it resonates with the audience is something digital marketers will have to rely on in the upcoming years..

Artificial Intelligence 

Chatbots have monopolized the digital sphere and expected to reach more than 1.2 billion dollars on a global scale in the next 10 years. Experts have already predicted exponential market growth at more than 24%. In a user-based research it was found that customers preferred chatbots as their primary contact for minor customer service issues.

While 2017 marked the emergence of chatbots as popular technology, 2018 saw its potential growth across hospitality, banking and other small-scale businesses to provide virtual assistance to the customers in real time world.

Voice Control and Search 

With Siri, Alexa and the likes taking over our day-to-day life making our lives simpler with voice control and search we are becoming more dependent on our digital devices! How does voice search affect the brands and business?

Voice search represents a modernistic challenge to digital marketers to list their brand and business in the top considering different parameters like location, details, and specificity of the question. These smart digital alliances like Alexa and Siri present limited choices as compared to text-based search results.

This is one area of digital marketing that can’t be ignored. Brands have already taken up the challenge with meta-descriptions of the websites need to be more specific and SEO friendly and speech optimized so it reads out better.


Facebook continues to remain the number one social media platform with amazing 41% users above the age of 65. It is the best platform to reach out to people in this bandwidth. Even though the data-leak incident in 2018 left Facebook’s credibility a big question mark motivating the millennial generation to switch to other social media platforms, it is important for digital marketers to select their target audience as relevant to their brand to use Facebook to its full potential.


This image and video-based app has taken-over the world. The user-base has surpassed 1 billion users and growing everyday with majority population under 30.It is considered by far the best platform for content marketing and paid advertisements. With high engagements and better return on investment, it is the most preferred choice for a brand to promote themselves on Instagram as the social media platform.

Instagram has introduced new features like Instagram stories and IGTV which are giving serious competition to the other social media platforms like Snapchat, Youtube and Facebook with video marketing at its peak.

Are brands already using IGTV to their benefit? Yes of course and this is expected to rise in the year 2019 with brands quickly moving forward with the fast-paced social media.

Video Marketing 

With digital devices becoming a major part of our lifestyle, brands have shifted their focus towards online content and marketing to increase user base and sale. From 360 videos to the square video’s, this is one type of content that saw a majestic rise in the year 2018 with consumers preferring to watch content rather than see static posts about the same. This led to majority traffic on Instagram to be diverted from Instagram posts to Instagram stories and videos as they saw a rapid rise in engagement and reach.

Live Video 

Facing touch competition from rival social media platforms like Snapchat and YouTube, Instagram introduces the “Live” feature in its app which was a major success. Following suit, Facebook which had introduced this feature in 2016 also saw a steadfast rise in live broadcasters in the year 2018. According to a survey 13% of web traffic is derived from Live videos.

How does live video help brands and businesses? Live video is a proof of authenticity, that it is actually happening and not being filtered. It builds a consumer trust and users spend 3 times more time on live videos than pre-recorded ones.

Influencer Marketing 

With the year of 2018 saw a boom, in influencer marketing, 2019 is expected to steadily increase this platform of marketing with a survey suggesting that brands have increased their influencer budget. Brands are looking for long-term associations with the influencers and find it much effective to promote on social media than traditional media. 60% shoppers are influenced by social media and buy what they have seen on it. If it is designed well, it’s authentic, trustworthy and product driven giving your brand a chance to be seen and relied on.

While mapping out digital marketing trends for your brand, it is important to see which social media platform and trend will be most suitable for your business. Compare and contrast to existing marketing policy and competition brands to see how they are doing. No trend can replace good marketing. It is how well you stand out of the crowd that leads to the success of your brand in the end. Time will tell how these Digital Marketing Trends will fare in the upcoming year 2019.

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