“How deeply you touch others is how deep your life is”

Bill Drayton, a leading social entrepreneur, once said: “Everyone is a change maker”. CSR is the acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is the management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions.

Until a few years back, the concept of CSR was restricted to a few companies. But of late, many Indian companies have started involving their workforce to make the world a better place. From spreading smiles among the children of an orphanage to implementing plans for reducing the carbon footprint, Indian companies have started altering the world around them for good.


Why do you need a CSR program?

CSR is mandatory for all companies posting a net profit of Rs. 5 crores or more during last financial year. 

For enhanced brand reputation

A socially conscious workforce

An increased customer loyalty

Consistent, long-term improvement of the company

Contentment on having engineered social changes.

Who are we?

BoostNet has a team of professionals who have considerable experience in implementing CSR projects in various domains across India. While leading you on the way of philanthropy, we guide you towards doing something for the society which has given you so much. After all, it’s your time to pay back!