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Content Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2019 (Number 5 will amaze you!)

Even though content marketing is a relatively new concept, it has been widely accepted and become an important part of any project for building a two-way relationship with their users. With marketing industry shifting radically towards social media marketing, it is no surprise that this is now the preferred technique for reaching out to the Internet Generation.

While 2018 was definitely the year of Content Marketing, it is all set to rise in 2019 with new trends in this sphere. There will be more stress on fast-paced content and fresh and authentic content that has the ability to stand out from the clutter.

Let’s take a look at all the trends predicted to dominate the market:-

  1. Integrating Social Commerce with Social Media: With features like product tags added to Instagram giving the mobile generation to buy swiftly while browsing through their social media has transformed the perception of social media as a popular selling platform. Brands and businesses are using social media to divert traffic to their website.
    The ‘Shop Now’ button on Instagram proves that social networking sites are much more than engagement. They are slowly but steadily becoming online shopping hubs. With more time being spent on the virtual web, there has a drastic increase in commercial images on Instagram with fashion and luxury industries trying to rapidly conquer the same.
  2. Webinars and Live Video: After gaining mass popularity in 2018 with almost 65% of the user-base shifting to video based content, analysts have predicted that by the year 2021, video marketing will account for more than 80% of internet marketing. Web-casts and live video tend to reach more people as compared to static posts and generate 49% more revenue than their counterparts. In the past, vertical videos were not favorable. But with the changing trends, and mobile dominance, vertical video content is the demand of the current market.
  3. Personalized Emails: Email is getting more personalized as brands are getting more content sensitive. It is by far the major channel of communication for both personal and professional work and has evolved rapidly over the years. Personalized content can act as a trigger as the final step for the consumers to buy the product or invest in the brand or business. In a survey, it was found that 78% of users end up buying from a brand if the content is personally relevant. More the personalized content, more the chances of increase in consumer spending.
    One of the simplest ways to use this trend is by using it to reach out to your customers and engaging them in a discussion about their recent experiences with the brand. Swiggy and Zomato send its users a follow-up email almost immediately after finishing the meal.
  4. Influencer marketing: The buzz around influencers has grown past 2018 and will follow suit in the years to come. Marketers have now brought a reverse approach to the influencer marketing tactic. Instead of promoting your brand on their social media platforms, you are inviting these influencers to create and curate content for you
    Majority marketers associate influencer marketing to Instagram. In the year 2107-18 alone, 92% of these influencer campaigns were run on Instagram. The survey showed that influencers are also active on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat which are yet to be explored.
  5. Brand Collaborations: Brand working together with other brands to bring out-of-the-box creative ideas and cross promoting each other is the latest trend in the Content Marketing Strategy. This allows fans of both the brands to create a loyal user-base from each others social media presence. This includes:
      • Podcast Interviews
      • Research and Case Studies
      • Social Media Takeovers

    One such popular crossover was Uber and Spotify, where the uber riders can listen to their favorite music on Spotify during their car rides. The crossover between BMW and Louis Vuitton was also the talk of the town. The luxury brands collaborated with a creative campaign portraying their common points – luxury, high end fashion, high-value craftsmanship and business of travel. This was a classic example of a mutually beneficial collaboration – where BMW created a sports car model i8 and Louis Vuitton designed 4 exclusive travel-suitcases that fit perfectly in the car’s rear parcel shelf and ignited the interests of their fan-following with this interesting brand crossover.

  6. Main-Stream Long Form Content is taking over traditional blogging: With ever-changing marketing trends in this fast-paced industry, analysts have noticed a radical change in the average content length of blog posts. What does it mean for brands and businesses? The longer and more relevant the content post, it ranks better on SERP( Search Engine Page Results).Although some marketers argue that today’s internet generation does not read long articles, but it is a proven fact that long-authentic content drives traffic for brands and businesses. Google’s recent algorithms tend to recognize longer content (over 1000 words) as more valuable and preferable to rank higher in search results.
  7. Re-marketing over Paid AdvertisementsSearch Ads are predicted to be overtaken by Display Ads by 2019. This means that digital marketers have changed their strategy with pushing re-marketed content over search-based marketing. The content strategy change is because the shift of power from you to your audience. Customers decide whether the content deserves attention or is irrelevant to their interests. In the year 2014, the AD spends on display and search was nearly similar. In 2019, the statistics changed when ad spend on display became 28% more than search, forcing the marketers to change their approach towards marketing strategy. And surprisingly, with remarketing the conversion rates are higher with more ad-impressions. This is an especially important strategy for B2B marketers.Content Marketing has proved to be a valuable modern marketing tactic. We are past the trial and error method with sure-shot tips to make your brands and businesses a success. With 2019 predicted as the year of content marketing, time will tell how brands and businesses see through this trend and use it for their favor.

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