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Content distribution without spending a penny!

What’s the purpose of creating content if it’s not getting the visibility it deserves?

Creating an engaging content is just the first of two golden rules; content distribution is the second.

The problem doesn’t end there!

With countless numbers of articles out there on the internet, you would surely have to deliver your information at the doorstep of your prospects to get noticed.

Also, when brands (of your niche) with their wallets out to spend a blast on awareness, you could only expect a miracle to rank higher on the Google page if you are not breaking even with them.

Which obviously most of us won’t be able to do.

So, what now? Why to let a great content fall on non-existent ears?

Don’t worry, we marketers are always burdened with discovering new options to survive; no matter what the circumstances are.

To help you keep going, we’ve put together a few of organic ways to help you go penniless.

Through Owned Media

‘Owned’ is a self-explanatory word referring to the channels that you can leverage for distributing content without spending any additional penny.


Sharing your beautiful content on your company’s website is the first checkbox on your to-do list.

But never forget, every time you publish an article, it’s one of 2 million blog posts being aired the same day.

The only way out is to keep enriching your ‘Blog’ page on your website on a regular basis with the blogs on the most searched topic with relevant keywords to get spotted.

This could only happen if your writers sit close to your SEO team (or marketing), because writers always find themselves busy creating cool stuff, not necessarily fit for marketing.

#Social Media

One of the most efficient ways to publish your article is by being active on the social media.

With the boom of digital landscape in last few years, you need nothing but a right channel to locate your target audience and make them feel your presence. Social media is now one of the most important factors that Google’s algorithms consider in its ranking factor.

Each platform has its own benefits and strategies to excel. Figure out what works best for you on the basis of your requirements and with a definite guide, you are good to go.

#Email Series

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.

Isn’t this amusing to know the fact that emails (free) are still the most reliable distribution channel that have our back, even after the introduction of so many paid channels.

You can always use this as useful tool to drive conversions, re-conversions by running campaigns, sending out newsletters, attractive infographics, eBooks etc.

If done correctly, it could define your credibility in the market.

Always keep your subscription form placed where it can’t be overlooked and doesn’t seem annoying. But before that, give them a reason to subscribe to your services.

Through Earned Media

When I say ‘Earned’, it’s exactly how it sounds!

It never aligns with buying in any case, be it your audience or prospects.

Earned media is one of the most credible but hardest to achieve ways to get through to the potential reach.

#Social Media Shares

It’s a marketer’s delight to see total shares climbing to the best of its height.

Online media shares are a token of the authenticity of your content. It could happen on every social media platform if you have a stunning brand image.

To get an edge with social media, keep your analytics team alongside your content team to judge what works better for you reason being that you would never want negative trends to be a part of your content and lead to bigger issues down the line.

#Personal Recommendations/ Reviews

Being a marketer or a brand, anything you say could be misunderstood as ‘selling’ but trusted influencers or third parties will always be the key to a break through.

To tackle this, we’ve picked up 6 Unique Online Content Types to Sound Less Sales-fish.

If you do a lot of outreach tactics in a manner that influencers or fellow marketers would like, then you may get recommendations or useful reviews from your prospects either by asking or they will give themselves.

But getting even some of those reviews require all round support to the ones who are getting in and are harder than ever with the growing competition.

Once you got hold of those, you have all the rights to showcase it on your website or social media to make them lead magnets.

Through Forums

Forums like Quora and Reddit have always been a marketer’s magnet as people are actively looking for their answers there.

You just need to track questions on these forums about what your article is answering and post your answers and a link to your article there.

You can always republish these answers into newsletters or eBooks which can be used in email campaigns with little modifications, a few years down the line.


Just because you have created a top-notch content, it doesn’t mean your audience will find you on its own. You will need to have a content distribution plan to get that.

Even if you don’t have brands that like the budget to burn, you can always leverage owned and earned methods of distributing content as I have mentioned.

After all, you would always want the main takeaway for your audience to be the education behind your article and not a reason to not be found.

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