BeatWithBLU Lenskart

Lenskart BLU is the latest innovation by Lenskart, focused to protect our eyes from harmful blue rays emitting from digital devices.



Smartphones, tablets, laptop screens, etc. emit harmful blue rays which cause eye strain, dry eyes, insomnia, and many other eye-related problems. Lenskart BLU Lenses reflect this harmful blue light away from the eyes.

The campaign aims to provide a stress-free vision to India in this digital world. It partnered with brand ambassador Katrina Kaif to reach to the masses in India and provide them options for maintaining better eye health.

The response to #BeatwithBLU has been phenomenal on every social platform. As people understood the urgency to save eyes from the digital strain and responded positively, the campaign gained momentum with more and more people enquiring about and buying BLU lenses.

Problem Statement/Objective

The biggest objective of the campaign was to inform and educate people about how BLU lenses can save their eyes from the harmful light emitting from smart devices.



To introduce the invention of BLU lenses in Indian optical industry, as the concept is very new. Educating people on how digital devices are harming the vision and how BLU lenses can protect your eyes from them.



There were a number of challenges faced before and after the launch of #BeatWithBLU campaign.


Phase 1

First, the biggest challenge was to make the customers aware of the lens technology and how it saves your vision from harmful digital devices. A number of posts were shared on various platforms, familiarizing people on how the digital devices cause strain in our eyes for constantly looking at them.




A number of posts were also shared on Facebook and Instagram to explain how you are completely dependent on your smartphone for every little thing, taking no care of eyes due to the hectic routine in this digital world.

Phase 2

The next challenge was the promotion of the campaign. A TVC with Katrina Kaif was put out on social media platforms, emphasizing on how people today are totally addicted to their smartphones and other digital devices, overlooking the harmful effects of the blue light emitting from them. The focus was kept on how your eyes get tired because of this blue light and how the BLU technology will save you from these effects.

Phase 3

An interactive activity was also adopted calling out bloggers from different fields to Lenskart stores across the country. Lenskart setup the BLU lens kit in their stores and acquaint these bloggers by giving them a hands-on experience on the new technology. They were also intimated about how cost effective it is and comes in various shapes and sizes according to your choice. The features make it a customer-oriented technology.

The TVC and short videos trended on social media in no time causing a stir around the new technology and people indulging in conversations and appreciations for it. The practical feedback from the bloggers also added much value to the campaign.


It created a stir among people, with a new technology being launched to protect their eyesight from digital devices.

The campaign invited a lot of people coming up to Lenskart stores in person and trying their hands on the BLU lens kit.

The campaign put BLU lenses in the conversation amongst the key target markets like bloggers and the target audience.

The campaign was able to bring people’s attention to this new technology and intimate them on how to take care of eyes in this digital era.

Lenskart was able to achieve a post reach of 4 million on Facebook during August and September. The short, tongue-in-cheek videos around BLU Lenses got over 45,000 views on Instagram. The TVC featuring Katrina Kaif published on Facebook has got over 1 million views.