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8 Mistakes to Avoid in Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the most important aid to achieve business goals.

You might be doing it, but are you doing it right?

Avoid these 8 mistakes to improve the effectiveness of your content.

1. Not researching what people want

This is the most common mistake, one that even experts make. You might have researched and put in your best efforts for a topic, but all that goes down the drain if nobody is interested in the theme of your content.  You might be unique, but is it worth it if you are not even being searched?

The next time you start creating content, analyze its effectiveness in the contemporary scenario. Even a simple Google search would aid in better understanding of the audience’s mood. You can also use analytics software that can give you reports on how often your topics are searched.

2. Call-to-Action (CTA) the right way

Every business is using a Call-to-Action (CTA), but are they doing it effectively?  CTAs must not be boring ‘one-liners’ trying to sell, rather they must be catchy and inspiring. So, using a visual CTA, with a researched set of SEO words creates better leads. A better CTA could be the one that uses the funnel strategy, where the first step is to create awareness.

3. Lack of Specificity

Trying to include too much content related to diverse sub-topics is the most common practice used by new players hoping for better search rankings. However, that simply doesn’t work as it confuses the audience rather than solving any of their problems. Adding keywords just for the sake of it is not a good idea.

4. Keeping Quantity over Quality

In the race to beat your competitors in producing more content, are you constantly neglecting the quality of your content? The most important goals of content marketing are thought leadership and lead generation. So, when you are pushing content in a random and non-strategic way, you are simply erasing the audience’s trust.

5. Ignoring Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With 95% of the people not even visiting page 2 on Google, and a majority going for the first 3 results, effective optimization of your page becomes a priority. There are thousands of blogs telling you to use the right set of keywords, but there is more to it. Most bloggers do not add an SEO title, SEO description or SEO keywords (these options are available when uploading your blog),  these are important for better SEO since these are the locations which are first crawled by a search engine. Moreover, if you are using a publishing tool like WordPress, using plugins is a good idea. (Yoast SEO is highly recommended by experts).

6. Don’t make the content promotional

You might want to generate leads, and may want to do it quickly, but bombing your audience with promotional content doesn’t help. You must develop a strong bond with your audience before pushing even a single promotion. The first thing a person does on seeing a promotion is skip it. Your goal must be to become a thought leader, and once you have built a follower base, you can then move on to lead generation.

7. Content Dead Ends

Content dead ends are pages on your website where the visitor does not know what to do next. These are pages with no further links or call-to-action. Content dead ends create a dull experience for your audience. Thus, whenever you are writing a blog consider crosslinking them with your previous blogs, and ensure there are enough CTAs to ensure smooth user experience.

8. Analysis and Review

Uploading good content is not enough, you should use analytics to have a deeper insight. You should review each of your content marketing strategies and find out what is the best-suited strategy for you. Even if you are new to this arena, Google Analytics could be used, as it is of the most reliable analytics software. For a further edge, you must also review the human response (i.e. the comments you receive) and work on the suggestions you receive. You can also use an NPS Survey (an index that measures how willingly customers would recommend you to others).

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