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7 Secrets to Becoming a Buccessful Copywriter

With the explosive boom of internet-based marketing over the past decade, copywriting is trending as a profession in India. The career is interesting yet challenging as it is certainly a Red Ocean market and you have to make your way through a lot of competition.

Since copywriters aim to create brand awareness, it is imperative that the copywriter understands the customers’ perspective and think creatively out-of-the-box to come up with a unique copy/tagline/slogan that connects with the target audience.

You must be curious about how you could reach that level of expertise. Like any other profession, it takes a blend of passion, hard work, skills, and experience to master the craft of copywriting.

Here are the 7 effective tips to become a productive copywriter:

1. Focus on benefits than features:

A product must be understood in a detailed manner before describing it. Merely specifying technical details sounds simple and boring. A copy can be made attractive when benefits are described with the features. The target audience and the brand’s underlying motto are important components that the copywriter has to consider while writing a good copy.

Let us say, a copywriter has to write for a newly launched hair shampoo that uses botanical extracts. As there are several shampoo companies worldwide, the copywriter has to write how a particular shampoo brand can stand out in the market.

Let us take two different scenarios with the help of the pictures below.

Scenario-1 sounds too informative and non-compelling to read.
Scenario-2 is easy to understand and more conceivable.

2. Numbers and punctuations make copies specific:

Numbers increase readability. They have the power to gather more attention than letters do because they can be interpreted fast in brains. This is why the audience gets attracted at first glance when numbers are used cleverly in copies.

Let us check out these examples: Buy 2 shirts at INR 799, Get a toned body within 7 days.

Punctuation also plays a significant role provided it is used in a clever manner. Below are some tips that you can take the help of.

● Make less use of commas: Copywriting experts say that more than 3 commas tend to raise the impatience level of
the reader.

Example: M&M: Melts in your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.

● Apostrophe should be used correctly.
Example: McDonald’s: I’m Lovin’ It”

3. Careful use of fonts:

Fonts are also an important factor to take heed of. They are the foremost attention grabber. Below is an example showing the same line “I will always find you” in different font styles that depict different meanings. The first font style shows a flowery and sweet message where the reader gets a positive hope that the one will be found. The second font style depicts a frightening message and scares the reader by saying that he would be found.

The second font gives a ghostly feeling.

4. Persuasion and influence:

According to researchers, it just takes 7 seconds to grab the audience’s attention. Delivering a clear and persuasive message is what makes the best copywriting. An audience can only reciprocate to the brand’s message if they feel a connection. Connection here means relating oneself with the content and the message depicted on it.

So how do copywriters do that?

It must be kept in mind that your content should be short and easily readable. A sense of urgency works as an effective way to persuade through content and the reader is connected more conveniently when an active voice is used.

You can check out these examples:

Active voice- We are going to watch a movie tonight.

Passive voice- A movie is going to be watched by us tonight.

When the two voices are compared, active voice seems more interactive.

Additionally, copies must mention the motive “what’s in it for me?” Readers or the audience seek for the benefits they expect to receive from the product/service. They search for whatever advantage they would enjoy availing the product. So “what’s in it for me” is the first thought every reader gets curious to know about.

i. Disney has the best tagline i.e. “The happiest place on earth”.

This tagline can connect with all people. Everybody wants to visit a happy place. And this is why it involves the attention of a large crowd.

ii. Kentucky Fried Chicken: “Finger-Lickin’ Good.”

KFC’s tagline is famous and successfully works. It alone gives the feeling of heavenly tastefulness that leaves you salivating.

iii. Citibank: “The Citi never sleeps.”

This is also another tagline that connects with every individual, banks and other financial institutions by expressing a secure feeling of credibility to the audience.

5. Target Audience:

While writing for a brand, we have to be very clear about which audience we are targeting.

There are different ways of writing for different age groups. For example, the youth loves content, which is trending and humorous. Plans after high school, upcoming movies, and video games, tips for becoming a YouTube sensation are some topics that they would be more interested in.

Whereas, the late middle age working group mostly might be more interested in serious and informative content such as tips for cutting down taxes, how to buy a house without borrowing home loans, future business opportunities and sources of earning after retirement.

It results in high productivity to keep a check on Instagram stories, Tumbler, Twitter, Reddit threads.

6. CTA must be clear:

Merely creating an amazing post copy will not help.You must ensure that the audience is clear in what they are asked to do. ‘Apply now’, ‘Call now’, ‘Download now’ are some CTA examples. Call to Action (CTA) varies from industry to industry. This is explained further through the following examples posted on Instagram.

● Golden Tusk’s CTA:
To book your serenity, visit link in the bio “bit.ly/TGTBookNow”. Golden Tusk is a luxury jungle resort that offers visitors to have a safari and connect with nature.
● Leela Palace:
For table reservations, contact +1113399xxxx or lecirque.newdelhi@xxxxxxxx.com. Leela Palace is a luxury palace that includes hotels and resorts.

7. The ultimate problem to agitation to solution formula:

This formula involves three stages:

● Problem
● Agitate
● Resolve/Solution

Great copywriters mostly use this popular formula to accomplish writing fine copies.
Let us find out how this formula works.

Suppose you run a TV company and launching a new Smart TV.

Create the problem – Here you can first describe the problem by saying: “Does finding your TV remote blow up your mind every time?”

Agitate the reader – Define the problem by mentioning how frustrating it is to get off the couch repeatedly to go and change the channels. Exaggerate it by saying what the users might lose in such a situation.

Solve the problem for the reader – You can resolve the problem by introducing your Smart TV that does not need any remote control by saying “channels can be changed by connecting an Android phone or iPhone with the TV unit”.

Those who are interested in writing and have a knack for it can opt for this career. As the scope is expanding more and more every year and brands are in need of copywriters to advertise their products. This career carries huge opportunities but do not lose heart if you face failures initially. Be determined and steady in your approach.

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