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6 Unique online content types to sound less sales-fish!

What to post next?

Does this question worry you?

Let’s face this: yes it does.

In a world where content opportunities are numerous - blogs, info graphics, articles and eBooks to name a few, deciding on what to post first or later, can be challenging.

With the evolution of ads and brands locking horns for the eyeballs, it has become harder than ever to generate engagements with your content strategy.

Fortunately, we are at a point where everyone knows the importance of creating content regularly. But the fear of losing ground, pulls you back from little experimenting that the conventional content cycle offers.

If you feel so, believe me, your competitors are no different than you.

Also 83% of people today, wish they could filter out obnoxious ads.

It means you have a fair chance to get an edge. Yay!

Read on for these 5 content types we think marketers should give a shot:

Facts and Statistical Content

Every marketer sings praise of a data-rich content. But very few marketers incorporate data driven content.

In a fight to acquire leads, you would never want to lose an opportunity to feed exactly what your audience craves - an easily digestible content.

 The most cost effective way to collect original data is by conducting a survey among your subscribers, leads and industry professionals. And sharing it in the form of a report or info-graphic would be the best foot forward.

Info-graphics, specifically, are link magnets and drive more engagements because of their eye-catching colours and robust form.

Customers Stories

Being a marketer, no matter how much you try to remove the sales touch from your marketing elements, a bit of it never seems to go.

But if you have consumers telling their own story about how your product or service helped them, show it.

A less sales-fish it sounds!

The best way to put this forward is through case studies.

All you need to do is pick the best talk on your brand by:

  • Asking them questions that they would feel comfortable answering
  • Keeping a track of their answers
  • Meeting the energy level of your interviewee
  • Creating a content database calendar

Squeeze out a well knitted case study by following all of the above.

Voila! You have a top notch.

Employees Stories

Though there is no shortage of content about the stories in the digital space, how and through what will you convey beyond your brand story?

Scratching the surface of over-used methods of storytelling won’t help you stay ahead of the pack.

There is a category that never fades- the employees’ stories.

It is no atomic chemistry to create employees’ stories that may change the face of your brand.

The journey of the employee – from boarding, training and implementing, when done correctly, can be highly useful in creating a positive transparency among your followers and also in the recruiting process.

Reviews and opinions

Do you know 73% of consumers form an opinion by reading up to six reviews?

In a market where Reliability (27%), Expertise (21%) and Professionalism (18%) remain the most important attribute to consumers, reviews and online opinion portals will be an effective tool to attain those.

Also, it’s important to reply to the reviews and opinions so as to show a sense of gratitude and humanity because that is what over 30% consumers believe in.

Trending content in your niche - news, influencer talks etc.

In an ever changing competitive market, consumer behavioural change is no wonder to us marketers.

Keeping up with the trend can be challenging.

This is where trending news and influencer talks come in handy.

Keeping your audience up to date with the latest trend and also what has been searched the most could be the first step in the go - get process.

Did you know that a proper influencer marketing could lead to 11x of the ROI of traditional advertising annually, making it one of the most useful of all the trends to follow?

Your audience thought process can be positively influenced when a celebrity (influencer) vertical is added and nicely promoted to your brand.

The only thing that you need to take care of is that news doesn’t have a long shelf life unlike blogs. You cannot delay a post about trending news when you are trying to keep up.

Educational Posts – How to do

Turn around and you will see a dozen of advertisements looking back at you to respond.

In such a market, your audience is obvious to repel that if you are also one of them.

Sometimes it is not about candy lines rather about giving them their space to think and help them with the information they require at that point.

Educating your audience when everybody is trying to lure them, could turn out to be perfect for top of the funnel - lead generation efforts.

Share more on the posts about what your audience is searching for in your niche to help your brand grow trustworthy.

What other types of content (that falls under this category) do you think business should leverage?

Mention in the comments section.

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