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5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Influencer for a Barter Collaboration

Influencer marketing has become a social media phenomenon. In a world where technology is crucial, advertisement has been taken to a whole new level.
Since 2010 – thanks to Instagram – many social media personalities are able to not only make their living online but also gain fame worldwide by collaborating with different brands. According to a 2019 survey, 80% of marketers find that influencers marketing is highly effective.

A brand collaborates with an influencer with 3 goals in mind:

• Increasing brand awareness
• Reaching a newer audience
• Improving sales and conversions

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, it is imperative to find the perfect influencer for your products.

Here are 5 tips that will help you in choosing the right influencer for a barter collaboration to promote your brand:

1. Followers count

The bigger the number of followers, the wider the reach. Influencers with over 50,000 followers are generally after paid collaboration. So, for a barter collaboration, it is best to look for someone with more than 10,000 followers but less than 50,000. This will help you save time and it will get you a more positive response.

2. Engagement Rate Ratio

Remember that even if the influencer has many followers, it wouldn’t help your brand if the engagement rate is low. Engagement ratio percentage can be calculated as:

Number of Like Per Post/Number of Followers X 100.

An influencer who has over 20,000 followers should have at least a 2.5% to 4% engagement rate.

3. Authenticity of the profile

There are many fake bots with many followers. You should always scrutinize the raw data and the engagement rate of the posts.

4. Quality of content

When it comes to the quality of the content, there are 4 things you should look into:

• High-quality creatives
• Engaging posts
• A good amount of stories
• Frequency of posts

5. Niche

Under niche, there are several factors to consider.

It is best to look for an influencer who has the most reach in the region where your business is based. This will help you gain not only online customers, but offline ones as well.

Age and sex:
The age and sex of the influencer highly depend on your target audience. For instance, if you want to promote cosmetics such as lip liners for youths or young adults, a young female beauty influencer will have more reach.

Type and relevancy:
For a barter collaboration, it is best to look for social media sensations, micro-influencers as well as nano-influencers. Choosing the right influencer depends on your product. If you are selling sportswear, you should look for someone who is into fitness or sports.

Tools that will help you in tracking down the right influencer for your brand are Buzzsumo, Followerwonk, TrendSpottr, and Hootsuite.

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