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5 Content Marketing Qualities Every Recruiter Looks For

Content marketing has never been as popular as it is today. From global companies to start-ups, each one has been focusing on quality content marketing, which has resulted in the need for content marketers and ever-increasing salaries for them. Here are the qualities you need as a content marketer:

1. Meticulous Research

As a content marketer, you will have to do proper research about your audience, your clients and the content you want to create. The content should be original, insightful and well-planned. The research is not limited to the creation of content but also its performance. Once any content has been uploaded, its performance should be analyzed and changes should be made according to any setbacks encountered. Without research, you can’t create content that is relevant and, as a result, it will be lost in the vast world of digital media. Research as ruthlessly as possible to create rich and valuable content.

2. Social Media Expertise

Creating killer content won’t assure you success until you distribute it well. Note that the secret to maximum reach is large, relevant and loyal following. You will have to cultivate your following with well-timed and engaging posts on social media. Promotion of your posts, both organic and paid, has to plan strategically. You must be up to speed with the changing search and social media algorithms as they can impact content rankings significantly. You can use social media tools to make your work easy but never compromise on giving a personal touch to the content. If content is the king, social media is the queen.

3. Analytical Skills

If you’re afraid of numbers, you can’t be a good content marketer. There are various tools available to analyze the performance of your content on search engines and social media, such as Google Analytics, BuzzSumo and more. Study the detailed analysis of each and every post and try different ways to solve the problems of low engagement and reach. You can also use analytics on the social media of your competitors while making your marketing strategies. Analytics helps content marketers to make effective marketing strategies, which can work wonders in improving the performance of content.

4. Project Management Skills

A content marketer’s job isn’t just creation of content but also management of everything related to it. This includes maintaining an editorial calendar, regular posting, maintaining blogs and tracking relevant content metrics. A content marketer is expected to work with editors, designers, and copywriters for creating optimized content to attract or retain followers. You must listen to and understand the needs of the audience and the clients you will be working for. It is rightly said that great marketing is the result of good management.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expertise

Have you ever checked out websites on pages 4 or later of your search results? Your answer is the reason why SEO is important. Content creation needs to be aligned with the search engine algorithm, which changes frequently. Unique and quality content plays an important role in search result rankings. A content marketer will also be expected to create content that is popular among users. Besides content creation, sharing it on social media platforms can also boost search rankings. Thus, if you aspire to be a content marketer, you must know about SEO and be able to create content that is ranked high in search results.

These are some of the qualities that every content marketer should have. However, these are necessary but not sufficient to be a successful content marketer. As digital media is growing, the dynamics of marketing are ever-changing, resulting in increasing demand for good content marketers. There has never been a better time to start a career in content marketing. Go break a leg!

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