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5 best ways to repurpose your old content

Have any of these ever been a concern for your content endeavours?

  • Running out of ideas.
  • Creating in-depth and informative content.
  • Creating content that your target audience engages in.

We bet, if not all, a couple of these definitely have been.

Don’t worry; these are issues that stare every marketer in the eyes, at some point in time.

The way out of this situation isn’t to create new content every now and then. In fact, it goes the other way round. The key is to write the best and the most engaging content; and at times, repurpose old or existing content that has worked well in the past or on any platform specifically.

Repurposing is when you refine and angle your old content so it feeds different grounds. Through repurposing, you can make the best use of your content in different forms.

And it could also prove to be good value for money.

We’ve listed a few best ways to repurpose your content to capture eyeballs:

Promote evergreen content

Think of a movie you can watch over and over again without getting bored! Must be at least one, right? Just think how well-knitted this movie is that it doesn’t fail to entertain you, regardless of the evolving film industry.

Similarly, we all have some ‘All-weather’ worthy content which goes with the changing trends and has always attracted useful eye balls. We call it an Evergreen piece of content.

First, you need to identify your existing evergreen content with the help of analytics.

Second, analyze what all updates the content requires by asking a few questions:

  • Does the blog require any updating in terms of statistics and factoids?
  • Is there anything that doesn’t align the trend anymore and needs to be deleted?
  • Does the blog contain relevant keywords (matching the trends)? Tailor it accordingly and update your call-to-actions (CTAs) before you share it online.

Be prepared to get some good number of clicks now.

Redo old content

You will always come across a few of your blogs that might not be as relevant today as they were when first published. Letting go off those articles wouldn’t be of much benefit. A shift in the direction and a well-constructed content keeping the original theme helps it to become relevant. Few ways to enact this include:

  • Identifying the new title.
  • Adding content that aligns the existing trend.
  • Adding relevant and updated pictures and statistics.

Turn your content into infographics

Everyone, today, wants to digest information quickly. Preferably in visual format! This is why people love infographics. They’re short and informative! It’s a great catch if you’ve got informational blogs, which you can convert into valuable graphical visuals.

Infographics require accurate and right facts, presented in relevant visuals. You’ve got to combine these two well to leverage your old valuable content. Free tools like Canva and Piktochart are the best options to start with.

Email series

Email notifications and newsletters have always been a pleasure for the marketers as they use it to stay in touch with their community. Typically, businesses and firms use this as a way to promote their product or service.

Email series can turn out to be an effective tool, if you educate your avid readers with the information mentioned in your blogs. Your readers don’t always get time to reach your blog. This method is a sure shot way of getting the best of your content to them.

Transform the Quora Q/A into a post

Forums have always been very helpful for the marketers as many people are looking for answers there. People interact on Quora not just to get answers to their questions, but also for what’s trending. Marketers take pleasure in answering them to make people aware of their brand and what exactly they do.

You have got an edge if you have some conversations with the seekers where valuable information has been shared.

Thinking how?

Think of the question that you answered with some information.

The question itself has the title of your next blog or social media post. All you need to do repurpose the answers into points that can be elaborated into a blog or mention in a social media post.

Feature it with some relevant images or infographics related to the post and you have won yourself engagements!

It’s important to diversify your content marketing strategy. Repurposing saves time and lends more credibility to the content.

There are, no doubt, other tools to save time when you are planning your content marketing strategy.

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