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3 tools that’ll make content marketing time-efficient

For most of us who are not a pro at Content Marketing, it's an uphill task - Constant generation of new ideas, Keeping up with new trends, Getting engaging creatives, writing content that engages... But what about those of us who do it as a full-time professional occupation? Yes, we're creative. Yes, we keep up with trends. Yes, we have an eye for detail when it comes to creatives. After all, that's our core competence. But the list of tasks at hand is not just long, but quite cumbersome too.

What matters today, in high-pressure work environs, is how time-efficient we make each task at hand. And there are tools which help you do just that.

As a team leader, my one KRA is to help team be more efficient, and make their life simpler by helping out - not in executing their tasks but by presenting solutions to problems. So, these days I'm spending time in finding different tools that help with different aspects of our work at BoostNet.

Here I list out 3 useful tools for you:

1-Feedly: What do we do when we sit down and make the monthly blog calendars? Or when the client comes calling for fresh ideas?
The most popular technique is to refer to other good sources, aka blogs, browse through their recent/old content, pick out the most interesting ones, rattle brain on how to adapt that or refurbish it to tweak to your needs, polish and publish it!
And how we go about this - We either have a list of the blogs or website we regularly refer to, or we sit down to searching for the relevant links. How time-consuming is that?!
Would you not love it if all your relevant content (published by other sources) come flowing on a single page?
Feedly is, by far, the best platform to get all your desired feed altogether. All you need to do is add a bunch of sites to your Feedly account and this is how your timeline looks:


And you can create Collections. For instance, if you'd like to stay updated with blogs on 'Marketing' and 'Eyewear', and 'Design', you can create 3 different Collections:


2-TrendSpottr: Would it not be just-so-exciting if you noticed first which trend is picking up on Twitter right now - related to your keyword?
Ask us, spotting trends isn't easy! Creating them is a different ballgame altogether.
TrendSpottr is a tool that focusses on spotting trending content, hashtags, phrases and even what influencers are talking about!


It's simple to use: Pick a search term, and it rolls down the conversations around it. What it also helps you with is tracking the news around your searched term.

3-Easel.ly: Don't we start-ups end up doing everything on our own? Including making the creatives - even as we think we know the best about our business and we are the ones who can create the best content for it, we still may not be pros at visually depicting it!
And great images can really make good content "great". Easel.ly is a tool that gives you ready - and free - templates and allows a design-challenged entrepreneur or Content Marketer to create attractive images.


The interface is very friendly too and it gives you a lot options to tweak the template too.

I hope you would try them, and also find them useful. Do share your experience with these, or if you know of some great tools, I'd be very glad to hear about them and use them too.

Also, watch out this space for more as the team has started sharing a lot of inputs on tools and I would share all the relevant ones here.

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